‘Loving’ pregnant dog dumped from U-Haul in New York — then community steps up

Someone found a dog dumped from a U-Haul in a New York park and took her to a nearby animal shelter.

When animal rescuers learned the dog was pregnant, they put out a call for aid on social media, and the community rallied around her.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue said it’s helping care for Wilma after the person found her abandoned in Newburgh.

“We are dumbfounded that someone would dump such a beautiful and loving dog, but even more disgusted that someone would do that to a pregnant mama,” the nonprofit pet rescue said in an April 17 Facebook post.

She was taken in by a foster with the understanding she would get spayed then put up for adoption, Lucia DeNatale, president of Take Me Home Pet Rescue, told McClatchy News.

But when Wilma went in for the spay procedure, veterinarians made a discovery right before beginning the operation.

“I received a call stating we had 5 minutes to decide if we wanted to keep or abort her puppies since she was pregnant,” DeNatale said in an email.

The group quickly made the decision to stop the surgery and care for both Wilma and her eventual puppies.

“Now we will give Wilma the care and love she needs during her pregnancy, help her have her babies, and find them all homes once they’re of age,” the nonprofit said in a Facebook post. “That being said, we need help.”

The group asked the community for help providing Wilma pre- and post-natal care, including extra veterinary visits for her and her pups, items for the birth and supplies for the puppies once they’re born.

The community donated money and sent items ranging from blankets to wipes and a crate, even volunteering to adopt Wilma or her puppies once they’re born. The organization also shared a photo of shampoo, dog food and other supplies donated after the call for aid.

DeNatale said the organization has received $1,200 in donations and lots of items from the wishlist since posing about Wilma two days prior.

The original call to action was shared over 120 times online.

“We are just so gracious and very surprised how fast our community went into action and how much they have offered since we posted,” DeNatale said. “We cannot thank everyone enough.”

Take Me Home Pet Rescue is throwing a “puppy shower” for the pregnant dog May 11, and a veterinarian will be collecting more funds to go towards Wilma’s medical bills, DeNatale said.

Newburgh is in Orange County, about a 70-mile drive north from New York City.

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