The Magic iPod website lets you mash-up songs that shouldn't work together

Roisin O'Connor

*Full disclosure* This isn't so much 'news' as a reminder that it's often the simple ideas that turn out to be the best. Also it's a lot of fun.

Back in 2007 a person/genius created a website called The Magic iPod that lets you mash up classic songs from the 2000s that are world's apart in terms of genre but actually sound excellent when you put them together.

The mash-up has always been a fairly niche subject of interest for music fans - they became huge thanks to shows like Glee which featured a bunch of different ones each episode.

The Magic iPod website lets you drag and drop hip hop and rap tracks over things like 'Stacy's Mom' and 'Complicated'.

For instance, if you drag and drop 'Real Slim Shady' over 'Stacy's Mom' (Fountains of Wayne) you get a very upbeat version of the Eminem classic.

The Independent's Culture team were also fans of Kanye West x Franz Ferdinand, Soulja Boy x Green Day, and Nelly x Avril Lavigne. The clear winner, however, was DMX x Vanessa Carlton.

You can even download the mixes and use them at your next DJ set. Give it a go here.