Man filmed jumping onto trampoline with 1,000 mousetraps

Screenshot from YouTube.

While the logic of jumping onto a trampoline filled with 1,000 mousetraps may be hard to grasp, the spectacle of the bizarre (and painful-looking) stunt seems to be impressing many people online.

A duo known as the Slow-Mo Guys co-ordinated the feat for a YouTube video, which has gone viral with more than six million views since being published Wednesday.

In the six-minute clip, the two men known as Dan and Gav stand in front of the trampoline, which is lined with rows upon rows of mousetraps. The men admit it took four hours to lie out the traps, and it didn’t go too smoothly. At one point, half of the traps snapped after a 2×4 piece of wood they used to lay them out touched a trap, causing a chain reaction.

Finally, after all of the traps were successfully laid out and set to trap, Dan climbs atop a table with a ladder on top of it, which is placed next to the trampoline.

And then, the jump. The video slows down as Dan falls side-first onto the trampoline in slow motion. The traps snap rhythmically, bouncing into the air and then falling back down in every direction. The jumper hurls around uncomfortably before finally settling onto his side.

The real-time footage is then played, in which Dan’s screams can be heard.

“Oh, it’s in my hair,” he cries.

Once he’s caught his breath, Dan admits that it didn’t hurt too much.

“I just got little nips all over my body,” he says, with a trap still caught in his hair. “It wasn’t anything really painful. It was actually quite comfy.”

It still goes without saying that this kind of stunt should definitely not be tried at home … even if you’re an exterminator.