Man films hilarious video of his fiancée trapped inside bomb squad outfit

A bomb squad member put his fiancée in one of his work suits and struggled to contain his laughter when she couldn’t get up. Photo from YouTube.

A bomb squad member might now be busy trying to defuse the tension in his relationship after filming his fiancée stuck inside one of his work suits.

YouTube user Weinus posted this amusing video of his future wife-to-be. It shows her attempting to stand upright in an outfit used by technicians responsible for defusing explosive devices.

“Put the little lady into some of our work attire. Tears were involved, and I’m still not fully forgiven,” the caption of the video posted on March 26th reads.

Considering it’s designed to withstand the blast of an explosion, it’s understandable that someone not accustomed to moving around in such a bulky piece of equipment would find themselves utterly helpless. That certainly seems to be the case in the video, where the unknown woman finds herself unable to even roll over in the suit.

“Like a turtle!,” her amused fiancé can be heard saying.

“I feel like an astronaut!” she replies back.

“Yeah, I don’t think they have trouble getting up, though.”

At one point, the man offers to turn on the internal air conditioning for the suit, but then he decides to keep filming instead while his fiancée begs to be let out. Fortunately, he eventually agrees to help her out of the heavy suit.

The hilarious video went viral after being posted on Reddit and YouTube. We’re betting it would get quite a few laughs if the couple shared it at their upcoming wedding reception!