Man raped and impregnated 14-year-old, Louisiana officials say. He’ll be castrated

A judge ordered that a man accused of impregnating a 14-year-old be physically castrated, in addition to serving a 50-year prison term, Louisiana officials said.

Glenn Sullivan, 54, pleaded guilty to four second-degree rape charges April 17, the 21st Judicial District Attorney Scott M. Perrilloux said in a news release.

“Sex crimes against juveniles are the most malicious crimes we prosecute,” Assistant District Attorney Brad Cascio said in the April 22 release. “I intend on using every tool the legislature is willing to give us, including physical castration, to seek justice for the children in our community.”

McClatchy News reached out to Sullivan’s attorney April 24 and did not immediately receive a response.

In July 2022, the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office began investigating a series of incidents after a girl reported that Sullivan raped her multiple times when she was 14, authorities said.

A DNA test confirmed he impregnated her, officials said.

Detectives said they found he groomed the girl and threatened her and her family if she were to tell anyone.

“So many of these types of cases go unreported because of fear,” Perrilloux said. “The strength it must have taken for this young woman to tell the truth in the face of threats and adversity is truly incredible.”

Castration has been used as a legal form of punishment to enable sex offenders to reenter a community with reduced danger of re-offending, according to legal experts. California became the first state to legalize castration, and a handful of states followed suit. Two states have repealed such laws, but eight states, including Florida and Texas, have some form of castration law on the books.

Livingston Parish is about a 70-mile drive northwest from New Orleans.

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