Mandy Moore Says Working With Robin Williams Made Her Wonder if Being ‘Constantly On’ Was a ‘Burden’ | Video

Mandy Moore fondly reflected on her time working with Robin Williams on “License to Wed” on Wednesday, but remembered growing concerned for the late comic, thinking that it might have been “a burden” for him to be “constantly on” and “cracking jokes.”

Sitting with Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers on this week’s episode of the “Las Culturistas” podcast, the “This Is Us” Emmy nominee and “Dr. Death” Season 2 star opened up about some of her previous experiences working alongside industry idols like Diane Keaton in “Because I Said So” and Williams in “License to Wed,” both in 2007.

“Who’s been the No. 1 person for you where you’re like, ‘I can’t even believe this’?” Rogers asked of Moore being starstruck.

“Diane Keaton,” she said. “That was, like, hard to ever sort of separate, ‘You are Annie Hall’ … ‘First Wives Club.’ And she is just everything that you want her to be.”

The singer and actress added that Keaton is “so deeply maternal at her core,” which makes her “so good at playing a mom.”

“She would also just show up to set in, like, the most incredible outfits. Just, like, the hat, the gloves… It’s 6 a.m. When I’m in sweats and wiping the sleep out of my eyes, she was just in a full look,” Moore recalled.

Yang then asked what it was like working with acclaimed actor and comedian Robin Williams. “Wonderful,” Moore said, before sharing that some of the “Good Will Hunting” Oscar winner’s practices on set had her empathizing with the pressures of being a famous personality and performer.

“Never got old being around him. He was constantly ‘on,’ which I remember thinking, I wonder if that’s a burden to feel like you have to show up and perform and be that person that everyone expects you to be,” she said. “Because he was just always cracking jokes, like, always sort of — yeah, on. But so lovely, really kind, as well. Just very warm, very much a family man. I loved, loved working with him.”

“The culture would be just a little bit better” if Williams, who died by suicide in 2014, was still alive and working, Yang added.

Williams starred with Moore and John Krasinski (then best known for “The Office”) as a reverend who puts the soon-to-be husband and wife through increasingly far-fetched tests to make sure they’re meant to be together before hitting the altar.

Listen to Moore’s full “Las Culturistas” podcast episode here or watch the video at the top of this story.

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