Mark Consuelos says his crotch sets off airport security machine: 'We're just doing 2nd base'

Consuelos has one pair of comfy plane pants that he says prompts further investigation.

Mark Consuelos has revealed that he has to do some extra work to prepare for takeoff when he wears a particular pair of comfy plane pants during air travel.

The 53-year-old Live With Kelly & Mark cohost admitted on Tuesday's episode that his favorite piece of airplane clothing, a pair of jeans, gets the job done when it comes to cozy transport, but that his crotch area poses a significant problem at airport security.

"They're very soft, they're not too tight," Consuelos says, as his wife and cohost, Kelly Ripa, used the term "travel panties" to describe the garment. "Every time I go through the metal detector, they go off."

<p>ABC</p> Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on 'Live'


Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on 'Live'

Consuelos said that, after the metal detector goes off, they usually send him to the body scanner, where he's often confronted with the underlying (literally) horror of his prized pants.

"It shows, like, stuff, in the front area," he said, and Ripa butted in to stress that he meant "in the crotch" area. "You can say crotch," Ripa stressed.

"Anyway, the guy is usually a big, burly guy, and he's like, 'I've got to pat you down, man,'" Consuelos recalled. "He goes, 'You want a private room?'"

Consuelos praised the airport staff for their patience with his pants' menacing crotch, and then described the agent's technique for patting him down by using the back of his hand.

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"There's no extra zipper, no extra rivets, nothing," Consuelos continued. "On the way back home from California, I got stopped again. This time, they just said random. So, I went through. He had to do it again, and he puts on a glove. I'm like, what are we doing? This is just second base, no? We're just doing second base!"

Ripa joked that it's "no longer random" at this point, and that someone getting "stopped" and "frisked" that much means "it can't be random."

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Perhaps Live has conditioned airport security to Consuelos' form, as the show regularly puts the cohost in revealing positions — including past episodes across the last year that saw him strip down to a skin-tight wrestling singlet, get a bare-footed massage on air, and take a shirtless dip into a tub of ice.

Live With Kelly and Mark airs weekdays in syndication. Check your local listings for showtimes in your area.

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