I May Need To Go To The Doctor Because I Physically Can't Stop Laughing At The 17 Funniest Signs Of The Week

It's officially summer, and we're already more than halfway through the year!!! To help cushion the cruel passage of time, please enjoy the funniest signs of the week, courtesy of Twitter and r/funnysigns:

1. "Calm down, Walmart."

Twitter: @DianaG2772


2."Read the sign: this poor cat is starving!"

A cat walks indoors next to a small sign that reads, "feed me you dumb bitch."

3. "Excuse me, I'll experience what?"

Twitter: @equine__dentist


4."Which one are you?"

Framed illustration showing four ways people squeeze toothpaste tubes, with labels "From Everywhere," "From the Bottom," "From the Top," and "From the Middle."

5."But the sign told me too, so it must be OK."

Wall sign reads, "It's okay to eat a whole pizza by yourself." Below the sign is a table with a small sign holder on it

6."They're up to no good."

A sign with silhouettes of two geese and the text "DO NOT LET THE GEESE IN THE BUILDING. THEY DO NOT WORK HERE."

7."Lemme off, this is my stop."

Train sign displaying "SLUTSTATION" and "WC" indicating the end of the line and restroom facilities

8."Just in case."

Back of a vehicle with a tightly wrapped object on a luggage rack. A sign reads, "THIS IS NOT AUNT EDNA!"

9."Do they have one for big ones?"

A daycare named "Little Bitches Day Care" has a sign on a building, with two trash bins placed below it

10."Why though?"

Sign on a fence that reads, "Please Do Not Sit On The Fence," with a roller coaster visible in the background

11."I’ll shut my eyes real tight."


12."It's always nice to be offered a choice."

Laundry care label with humorous instructions: "For Best Results: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Never iron design. For Worst Results: Drag thru puddle behind car. Blow dry on roof rack." 100% polyester

13."But education is for all."

Sign reads: "Please Do Not Eat in the Library. The ants will get in, learn to read, become too smart. Knowledge is Power. Power Corrupts. Ants will turn evil."

14."Funny sign at the fish store."

Fish in tanks with a sign that reads: "Fish are not dead – just napping."

15."Career advice from a sign on a pickup…"

A large sign reads, "My resume is just a list of things I never want to do again." The sign is mounted on a structure near some industrial equipment

16."In case you had doubts..."

A self-checkout machine with multiple signs stating "CARD ONLY!! NO CASH BACK." A shopping area is partially visible in the background

17."Made me chuckle and think when I saw it."

Sign with humorous text about theory and practice: "Theory is when you know everything but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but no one knows why. In our lab, theory and practice are combined: Nothing works and no one knows why."

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