MCU star Jeremy Renner returns in first trailer for Mayor of Kingstown season 3

Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingston season 3.

On January 1, 2023, Jeremy Renner was badly wounded when his snowplow crushed him. Renner’s injuries, including almost 40 broken bones, were so severe that it was miraculous he survived, much less recovered. But now, 16 months later, Renner’s comeback begins in the first trailer for the third season of his Paramount+ original series, Mayor of Kingstown.

It’s unclear if the show plans to explain any physical limitations that Renner’s character, Mike McLusky, may have after Renner’s real-life accident. Yet there are a few scenes in the trailer where Mike appears to be getting into some fights. But the real battles ahead are the ones that not even Mike can win with his fists.

Mayor of Kingstown | Season 3 Official Trailer | Paramount+

Mike isn’t actually the elected mayor of Kingstown, but he is the defacto leader who can bring together factions from both sides of the law and find some way to resolve their issues. However, that’s the kind of power that only matters when everyone is playing by the same set of rules.

The Russian mob never agreed to those terms, and they’re the new faction that’s setting up shop in Kingstown. The Russians are also announcing their presence by setting off massive explosions around town, almost as if they’re daring anyone to challenge them.

With the Russians comes a more personal threat from Mike’s past in prison. But if we’ve learned anything from the first two seasons, it’s that Mike isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty if he has to. The smart money will always be on Mike coming out on top in a fight.

Mayor of Kingstown season 3 will premiere on Paramount+ on June 2.