What it means when someone hashtags ‘my yellow’ on TikTok

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TikTok trends come and go, but “my yellow” is forever.

If you’ve been noticing a recent crop up of posts with the hashtag #yellow or #myyellow and feel a brief sense of dread that you’ve missed out on another challenge, it’s actually a very sweet TikTok trend.

Inspired by the Coldplay song “Yellow” — which is probably considered an “oldie” to Gen Z users — the prompt is to show off something or someone you love. People are naming their significant others, pets, favorite flowers and family members their “yellows.”

We really do love a positive and uplifting TikTok trend. One TikTok user summarized the meaning as “someone you can’t live without.”

The comments on videos involving the “my yellow” TikTok trend are also flooded with positivity, even if they don’t know the person.

“This melts my heart so much,” one person replied to _itssray_’s video about his younger brother.

“This is a dope trend,” another added.

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