Meet the “Fallout” Cast: All About the Star-Studded Lineup in Amazon’s Video Game Adaptation

‘Fallout’ premiered on Prime Video on April 11, and stars Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten and Walton Goggins

<p>JOJO WHILDEN/Amazon Prime Video</p> Ella Purnell as Lucy in

JOJO WHILDEN/Amazon Prime Video

Ella Purnell as Lucy in 'Fallout'.

Prime Video’s Fallout has attracted a large audience since its release in April 2024.

The show, which was released on April 11, is based on the video game of the same name. It follows the habitants of a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles who are forced to live in bunkers underground to avoid radiation, mutants and bandits.

Directed by Westworld's Jonathan Nolan, the show features a fresh cast, including Yellowjackets’ Ella Purnell and Justified’s Walton Goggins, who told PEOPLE in April 2024 that filming Fallout was like nothing he’d experienced before.

"It was exhilarating. It was exhausting. It was a monumental undertaking," he said. "Jonah [Nolan] visually captured this world in a way that feels extremely tactile. I mean, we used green screens for sure. We didn't blow up Los Angeles, but not many.”

Here’s everything to know about the cast that brought the beloved video game to life.

Ella Purnell as Lucy MacLean

<p>Prime Video</p> Ella Purnell as Lucy in 'Fallout'.

Prime Video

Ella Purnell as Lucy in 'Fallout'.

Purnell plays the main protagonist Lucy, who leaves the safety of her below-ground home, the Vault, to see what’s on the surface. She’s met with an unpleasant discovery that the world above is more dangerous than it seems — and she’s a target.

Purnell previously starred in Yellowjackets and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, however, this is her first leading role. She opened up to Advocate Channel in April 2024 about how Lucy’s multi-faceted character drew her to the part.

“It’s what I look for in every role — a multi-dimensional real-life person — because we are all so complex and I think that deserves to be written and seen on screen,” she said. “One of the things I love about Lucy is the dialogue she’s having within herself all the time.”

Aaron Moten as Maximus

<p>Prime Video</p> Aaron Moten as Maximus in 'Fallout'.

Prime Video

Aaron Moten as Maximus in 'Fallout'.

While Lucy is from the below-ground world, Aaron Moten’s character, Maximus, is part of the Brotherhood of Steel, a group determined to take back order into their own hands. However, he struggles with his purpose and faith after he sees the drastic actions the Brotherhood takes.

This is Moten’s first leading role as well after starring alongside Will Smith in 2022’s Emancipation and as Travis in Netflix’s weed comedy Disjointed.

“What a challenge it was to create the character of Maximus and at the same a real joy to find myself really playing with that internal war, that real struggle between ‘Who am I’...and ‘What do I want?’ ” he told Advocate Channel.

Walton Goggins as The Ghoul

<p>Prime Video</p> Walton Goggins as The Ghoul in 'Fallout'.

Prime Video

Walton Goggins as The Ghoul in 'Fallout'.

Goggins has been known as “that guy” people have seen in something, he told PEOPLE in April 2024, but his role as The Ghoul has cemented his fame. Goggins’ character used to be a beloved actor named Cooper Howard, but 200 years later, he’s a shadow of his former self and is known simply as The Ghoul, a renowned bounty hunter.

Goggins, who is married to director Nadia Conners, with whom he shares one son, previously starred in FX’s Justified and played Uncle Baby Billy in HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones.

To prepare for his role as the noseless Ghoul, Goggins told PEOPLE his makeup took two hours every day.

“It was uncomfortable,” he said. “It was so hot in New York, where we filmed. Sweat would be coming out of my eyes!”

Kyle MacLachlan as Hank MacLean

<p>Prime Video</p> Kyle MacLachlan as Overseer Hank in 'Fallout'.

Prime Video

Kyle MacLachlan as Overseer Hank in 'Fallout'.

MacLachlan plays Lucy’s father and leader of Vault 33, known as the Overseer, Hank MacLean. He also has one son, Norm.

MacLachlan has had a storied career, from starring as the original Paul Atreides in 1984’s Dune to Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks. He’s been married to his wife Desiree Gruber since 2002, and together, they share a son, Callum Lyon MacLachlan.

Moisés Arias as Norm MacLean

<p>Prime Video</p> Moises Arias as Norm MacLean in 'Fallout'.

Prime Video

Moises Arias as Norm MacLean in 'Fallout'.

Rounding out the MacLean family, Arias stars in Fallout as Norm, the inquisitive son of Hank. While Lucy discovers the world above, Norm dives into the mysteries of his world, especially between Vault 31 and 32.

Arias is most well known for playing Rico in Hannah Montana, but has also starred in 2019’s Five Feet Apart and 2020’s The King of Staten Island.

Sarita Choudhury as Lee Maldover

<p>Prime Video</p> Sarita Choudhury as Lee Moldaver in 'Fallout'.

Prime Video

Sarita Choudhury as Lee Moldaver in 'Fallout'.

Choudhury is Maldover, a leading raider who inspires Lucy’s journey outside. She is previously known for playing Seema Patel in the Sex and the City spinoff And Just Like That… as well as Kith Lyonne in Jessica Jones.

“This is apocalyptic, but it’s a little absurdist which I love,” Choudhury told The Illuminerdi of what drew her to the show at the April 2024 premiere.

Johnny Pemberton as Thaddeus

<p>Prime Video</p> Johnny Pemberton as Thaddeus in 'Fallout'.

Prime Video

Johnny Pemberton as Thaddeus in 'Fallout'.

As another member of the Brotherhood of Steel, Thaddeus (Pemberton) is briefly allied with Maximus.

Pemberton’s past work includes Superstore, 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street.

Michael Emerson as Siggi Wilzig

<p>Prime Video</p> Michael Emerson as Siggi Wilzig in 'Fallout'.

Prime Video

Michael Emerson as Siggi Wilzig in 'Fallout'.

Emerson plays Siggi Wilzig, an eccentric scientist who is one of the few who tries to help Lucy on her mission. He is often seen with his sidekick, a German Shepherd dog.

Emerson previously played Ben Linus in Lost and Harold Finch in Person of Interest. He also worked with Nolan on the latter project.

“I thought it told a story about espionage and resolve and this man is up to something, he has a long game in mind and it’s going to cost him everything,” Emerson told JoBlo of what intrigued him about his character.

Dave Register as Chet

<p>Prime Video</p> Dave Register as Chet in 'Fallout'.

Prime Video

Dave Register as Chet in 'Fallout'.

Chet, played by Register, is Lucy’s cousin — but he has more than normal familial love for her. The role marks Register’s first recurring part, though he has previously appeared in The Witch Files and FBI.

Zach Cherry as Woody Thomas

<p>Prime Video</p> Zach Cherry as Woody Thomas in 'Fallout'.

Prime Video

Zach Cherry as Woody Thomas in 'Fallout'.

Severance’s Cherry is Woody Thomas in Fallout, a member of Vault 33’s governing council.

Cherry was not only the beloved Dylan George in Severance, but he has also appeared in Succession and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Leslie Uggams as Betty Pearson

<p>Prime Video</p> Leslie Uggams as Betty Pearson in 'Fallout'.

Prime Video

Leslie Uggams as Betty Pearson in 'Fallout'.

Woody’s sidekick, Betty Pearson, played by Uggams, is also on the governing council of Vault 33 and, like Woody, has a bubbly and cheerful demeanor.

Uggams is a Tony-winning and Emmy-nominated actress for her work in 1977’s Roots. Now, she is best known for being Deadpool’s blind friend and roommate, Blind Al, in 2016’s Deadpool and 2018’s Deadpool 2.

In her personal life, Uggams has been married to her husband, Grahame Pratt, for over 50 years, and together, they share two children and a grandchild.

Frances Turner as Barb Howard

<p>Prime Video</p> Frances Turner as Barb Howard in 'Fallout'.

Prime Video

Frances Turner as Barb Howard in 'Fallout'.

Turner has a small role in the show as The Ghoul’s former wife when he was just Cooper Howard before the 2077 Great War.

The actress has previously appeared in recurring roles in The Boys and New Amsterdam.

Michael Rapaport as Knight Titus

<p>Prime Video</p> Michael Rapaport as Knight Titus in 'Fallout'.

Prime Video

Michael Rapaport as Knight Titus in 'Fallout'.

Atypical actor Rapaport is featured in two episodes of Fallout as Maximus’ coworker in the Brotherhood of Steel, Knight Titus. He fights an irradiated bear alongside Maximus in one scene, where he seemingly is left for dead.

Rapaport is most well known for 1999’s Deep Blue Sea and 1996’s Beautiful Girls, but he has been a mainstay in Hollywood for decades, most recently starring in season 3 of Only Murders in the Building.

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