Megan McKenna opens up about A&E trip and IVF journey

megan mckenna
Megan McKenna talks A&E trip and IVF journeyJoe Maher - Getty Images

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Megan McKenna has opened up about a recent trip to A&E and her IVF journey.

The star confirmed earlier this month that she and fiancé Oliver Burke were expecting a baby together, declaring "now we’re a family".

However, in a new update on Instagram, Megan explained that she had been quiet recently as she had been rushed to hospital after a bad reaction to medication.

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"The reason why I've been really incognito is I've really not been well. I had an allergic reaction to the medication I had for my urine infection, and had to go to A&E with Olly," she said.

"I was really not well. My belly was double the size – bearing in mind my belly's already big – and it was an absolute nightmare so definitely not taking that medication anymore.

"My body is so much more hypersensitive and it is more scarier being pregnant and having that because I worry about it affecting the baby, but after speaking to the doctors at the hospital, they said it can't actually affect the baby having an allergic reaction.

megan mckenna
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"So that's why I haven't been on here, so I've been recovering getting myself better, but I feel so much better and I'll be back to cooking my dinners for everybody."

In the video, Megan also opened up about her IVF journey while also revealing that her baby is "as big as an avocado right now".

The star explained that they undertook "medicated IVF cycle transfer", having frozen their embryos beforehand, before thawing them over a number of days, of which only two survived.

megan mckenna
Joe Maher - Getty Images

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She also injected herself with progesterone beforehand "to get my womb lining thick", saying that the number of hormones "was really intense" as she detailed further medications she was on.

After going through the fertility treatment and waiting a number of weeks, Megan recalled: "I genuinely thought it hadn't worked, because I didn't feel anything other than these really strong period pains and my back was killing me.

"We were too scared to look, and it was positive and I did another test to make sure. We had to go back to the clinic and they did an internal scan and there was a heartbeat."

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