The Mercedes G-Wagen EV Makes Unique Sounds 'Inspired' by ICE Cars

2024 mercedes g 580 with eq technology or electric g wagen
G-Wagen EV Makes Unique Noise "Inspired" By ICEMercedes-Benz

EVs are here to stay, but car companies are split on whether or not those electric cars should abandon the sounds that followed internal combustion cars for the past century. Cars like the Dodge Charger Daytona and Hyundai Ioniq 5 N have led the way in a trend to emulate engine sounds in electric cars, and in an unlikely twist, Mercedes has joined the fight with its G-Wagen EV, officially known as the G 580 with EQ Technology.

In fitting German feature-naming tradition, Mercedes-Benz calls the sound "G-ROAR." It is unclear just how similar the sounds made by the G-Wagen EV are to existing internal combustion noises, but the brand calls the feature a "unique sound experience" that is "inspired by the G-Class model family's emotional combustion engine sounds." That is of course customizable by drive mode, from a sound that is "rather restrained" in comfort to a "powerful and emotional" sport setting.

Unlike the ICE-like noises emitted from the Ioniq 5 N and the outrageous fake exhaust system installed on the Charger Daytona, the actual sound does not seem to be particularly loud from outside the car. Footage of the G-Wagen EV shared alongside announcement materials is accompanied only by a quiet whirring, and no in-car footage is available to showcase what it could sound like from inside the truck.

This being a luxury EV with a named sound feature, the G-ROAR also emits an "aura" sound when an owner walks up to their car and a separate "event" sound when opening or closing a door and turning the car on or off. There is also a noise to signify that charging has begun, and because this is a new feature in a Mercedes, the brand describes this as "[providing] acoustic feedback to the start of the charging process."

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