'This might be the biggest season we've ever had,' says Vancouver Canadians president

'This might be the biggest season we've ever had,' says Vancouver Canadians president

If you're spending time with your dad this weekend, there may be some sports involved.

A new season of Vancouver Canadians baseball kicked off Friday at Nat Bailey Stadium and Andy Dunn, president of the club, is expecting an exciting summer.

The Spokane Indians beat the Canadians 9-1 in the afternoon game. The teams will meet again Saturday night and Sunday afternoon in Vancouver.

"I think this might be the biggest season we've ever had," Dunn earlier told CBC's Jason D'Souza.

"The pre-season sales ... the excitement ... I really think we're going to have a good ball club on the field, and I think it's going to be a special, special summer."

Fan experience

For the last four years, Nat Bailey Stadium has been at 98 per cent capacity for the season, says Dunn. A lot of that has to do with the kind of experience the stadium offers fans.

Baseball fans can purchase a three-foot hot dog, hot dog sushi or a pretzel "as big as your chest" that comes in a pizza box, says Dunn.

"Just little fun, tongue-in-cheek type things that you go back and tell your friends, 'jeez, look what these weirdos at the ball park came up with' ... You can't take yourself too seriously when you go to a ball park."


First year for broadcasts

This season the Vancouver Canadians will be the first minor league baseball franchise in North America to have a television contract, says Dunn.

Every Saturday night home game will be broadcast nationally on Rogers Sportsnet. Six games will go national.

"A lot of fans in Toronto will get to see the young kids out of this year's draft immediately," said Dunn.

Traditionally fans have had to wait about five years to see these players when they make it to the national league in Toronto.

Dunn says he's more than ready for this baseball season.

"It's great because the city comes alive ... I really think our season is the official kick-off to summer in Vancouver.

With files from Our Vancouver.