Mike Pence Tries (And Fails) To Shade Disney With Truly Lame 'Dad Joke'

Former Vice President and expected 2024 presidential candidate Mike Pence attempted to show a new side of himself to Fox Business viewers on Thursday: the comic side.

And it definitely inspired giggles, but probably not the kind Pence wants.

Pence’s attempt at being funny happened during an interview with Larry Kudlow over the Disney Co. decision to cancel a $1 billion plan to expand its Orlando, Florida, operations as its culture war with Gov. Ron DeSantis escalates.

The former vice president attempted to sum up his opinion on the battle between Disney and DeSantis with a quip that came off like a truly lame “dad joke.”

“I like Walt Disney, not Woke Disney,” Pence said, before chortling at what his advisers probably assured him was a surefire laugh riot.

Probably the funniest part of the clip is Pence trying to stop his guffawing after he notices Kudlow hasn’t joined his giggle-fest.

Pence’s punchline did inspire laughs from many Twitter users, but mostly at him, not with him.

Others mocked Pence by turning the structure of his woke joke on its head.

But one person thought the best way to respond was with the actual definition of "woke," instead of the bastardized version used by right wingers.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article said that Mike Pence was speaking on Fox News. He was on Fox Business.