Mike Rowe's documentary 'Something to Stand For' heads to theaters in June

Mike Rowe's documentary "Something to Stand For" heads to theaters in June. Photo courtesy of MRW Productions

May 24 (UPI) -- Author, podcaster and TV host Mike Rowe's new history-themed documentary, Something to Stand For, is set to open in theaters on June 27.

The film spotlights extraordinary stories of events that took place during the American Revolution, World War II and the civil rights movement.

"This project is a tribute to the American spirit and the heroes who helped shape our country," Rowe said in a statement Thursday.

"I am excited to share these untold stories and highlight the extraordinary sacrifices made by these remarkable individuals."

Rowe is best known for hosting the TV shows Returning the Favor, Dirty Jobs, The Story Behind the Story and Somebody's Got to Do It. He also has a hit podcast called The Way I Heard It.