Mindef to go greener, set up sustainability office: Ng Eng Hen

SINGAPORE — As part of the national agenda on sustainable development, the Ministry of Defence and the Singapore Armed Forces will reduce the growth of overall carbon emissions by two-thirds by 2030, and half the 2030 emissions by 2050.

Speaking during the Defence Ministry's Committee of Supply debate on Monday (1 March), Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen said an SAF Sustainability Office will also be set up under the SAF's Chief of Staff-Joint Staff, who will assume the role of the SAF Chief Sustainability Officer.

"The army will replace its current administrative vehicle fleet with an all-electric one by 2030. In tandem, charging infrastructure in camps and bases will be set up," said Dr Ng.

Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen. (YouTube Screengrab)
Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen. (YouTube Screengrab)

Meanwhile, the navy will equip its new vessels with energy-efficient LED lights, ozone-free water-mist fire suppression systems and use garbage converters to reduce waste volume.

The air force will also begin trials of green aviation fuel for some F-16 fighter jets.

The ministry also aims to attain the Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy standard for all new large and retrofitted buildings where possible.

"We will also deploy more solar panels in SAF camps and bases by 2025 to double our solar adoption from 20 to 50 mega-watt peak, equivalent to the electricity consumed by 12,500 four-room households," said Dr Ng.

Smart utility metering systems will also be installed progressively in all buildings to give greater ownership to unit commanders.

"When the smart metering is complete, unit commanders will be equipped to compare themselves with their peers and benchmarks, and to reach their required targets," said Dr Ng.

On water consumption, the ministry aims to reduce usage by 10 per cent by 2030. Water fittings will be replaced with efficient ones of at least three ticks under the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme. Water-recycling systems will be used for washing vehicles.

The ministry also aims to reduce waste. Currently, 14 cookhouses have implemented segregation and recycling processes for food waste. Mindef will extend this to all cookhouses by 2024.

"We have also put in place waste disposal contracts to recycle and repurpose electronic waste, waste oil, chemicals and scrap metal. The aim is to reduce waste by 30 per cent by 2030," said Dr Ng.

Mindef's sustainability goals. (Infographic: Mindef)
Mindef's sustainability goals. (Infographic: Mindef)

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