MinSwap DEX Zap Feature - Can it be TRUSTED?

Crypto enthusiasts and liquidity providers will appreciate the Minswap ZAP feature, which automatically accomplishes a balanced LP participation in the decentralized exchange’s pools. Cryptofluency Private Members Group: Find more from @Derekonchain with Crypto Courses, Fast Track Memberships, Events & More: Links in Order of Mention: VyFinance DEX (With Min Liquidity Providing Example): ADA Handle: Chapters: 00:00 - Minswap is the leading DEX on the Cardano Network according to total value locked up (TVL) 01:55 - How does Liquidity Providing work on a DEX? 05:20 - What is the Minswap Zap Feature, and how does it save you time and fees? 13:00 - Demonstration of using the Minswap Zap Feature 22:00 - How to put your liquidity provider tokens to work 24:00 - The difference between liquidity providing and yield farming 26:28 - How to Stake LP tokens in a Farm on Minswap 30:30 - Conclusion - Can the Minswap Zap Feature be Trusted?