Miriam Margolyes’ First Ever Appearance On This Morning Proves She's Always Been A Hilariously Lewd Chat Show Guest

<span class="copyright">Isabel Infantes - PA Images via Getty Images</span>
Isabel Infantes - PA Images via Getty Images

If you’ve ever watched British national treasure Miram Margolyes appear on a talk show, you’ll know that she could say literally anything at any given moment.

The Harry Potter actor has become infamous for dropping F-bombs and sharing very NSFW anecdotes during her interviews, making for some hilarious moments over the years.

The notoriously candid star is hilariously unpredictable no matter the time or occasion, and it turns out she’s been this unfiltered for years.

Back in July 1993, the Bafta winner made her first ever appearance on This Morning with hosts Richard & Judy, when she made a very cheeky euphemism that had the sofa in fits of giggles. 

Speaking about her time spent on the west coast of America, the former Call The Midwife star was asked if she’d ever experience an earthquake, to which she had a typically Miriam-esque response.

“One night, it was about half past five in the morning, there was a really big one,” she began. “And I had a male guest staying, which is very unusual, and I thought it was him walking about and actually it was the earthquake.”

When Richard remarked that he “must have been a big lad”, Miriam replied: “Well, he said, ‘Did I make the earth move for you?’”

The anecdote even had Miriam herself chuckling, who remarkably managed to (just about) restrain herself from dropping any expletives throughout the 12-minute chat.

More recently, Miriam was as blunt as ever when she shared a very blunt message for adult fans of Harry Potter.

“I worry about Harry Potter fans,” she admitted during an interview with New Zealand’s 1News. “They should be over that by now.”