Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is now streaming free on Pluto TV

Promotional poster for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood featuring Fred Rogers with a puppet smiling.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Won’t you be my neighbor? These words were sung in every episode of the iconic educational children’s TV show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, one of the best PBS shows ever. Created by Fred Rogers, who also served as host, the long-running series aired from 1968 through 2001, and it’s now available to stream for free on Pluto TV.

You can watch Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood both live and on demand, available via a 24/7 channel that’s all Mister Rogers, all the time. The show, born from the Canadian series Misterogers, which debuted north of the border in 1962, was designed for preschool-aged kids ages 2 through 5.

While it’s decades old, the messaging and tone of positivity as well as the content and themes remain relevant to this day. Parents, and particularly grandparents, will love watching a new generation of children become enthralled with Rogers’ soft-spoken, sweet, kind demeanor. In every episode, he talks about different subjects, chats with puppets and people, and explores different places within his neighborhood to learn more about them — from the local bakery to the workshop.

Fred Rogers posing beside a trolley bench from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

What makes Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood stand out is that Rogers made a point of being as natural as possible on camera. He wasn’t a character, he was just Fred. Sadly, Rogers passed away in 2003 at the age of 74, but his spirit and the show live on. Now, Pluto TV users can watch for free via the live channel or on demand. Currently, you’ll find episodes from seasons 23, 25, and 26, which aired in 1993, 1995, and 1996, respectively. The free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channel will eventually feature more than 390 episodes starting from the debut year in 1968 through to the final season in 2001, so you can go back again and again to watch and re-watch episodes with the kids.

The currently available episodes include Rogers visiting Brockett’s Bakery to learn how to decorate gingerbread men, learning how toothbrushes are made and how to take care of your teeth, and attending a practice of the Harlem Spiritual Ensemble. Some episodes feature special guests and characters. Fun fact: Actor Michael Keaton got his start on the show, playing a “Flying Zookeeni Brother” in 1975. He also served as a production assistant and hosted the 50th anniversary special celebrating the show back in 2018.

Watch Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood for free via the live channel or on demand on Pluto TV. You can also check out our full explainer on Pluto TV for everything you need to know.