Modern actors take themselves too seriously, says Ian McShane

Ian McShane believes young actors are too serious credit:Bang Showbiz
Ian McShane believes young actors are too serious credit:Bang Showbiz

Ian McShane thinks modern actors "take themselves too seriously".

The 81-year-old star has worked with some of the best-known actors in the history of the movie business, including Richard Burton, John Hurt and Oliver Reed, and Ian has accused up-and-coming actors of being too serious in their approach.

Reflecting on his experience of working with Oliver, Ian told the Guardian newspaper: "We did 'Sitting Target' together. I knew him before that and we had a good time together.

"The trouble was he became inclined to be a bit of a bully when he drank, but he was charming most of the time."

Meanwhile, Richard told Ian that he reminded him of Dame Elizabeth Taylor, his wife.

Ian - who has enjoyed success in Britain and in Hollywood - continued: "Richard was terrific.

"I think he was very underrated when we did 'Villain' and I played his bisexual driver fixer, Wolfie. There’s the infamous scene where we’re about to get it on and he looked at me and said: 'I’m very glad you’re playing this part.' I said: 'Really, Richard?' He said: 'Yes, because you remind me of Elizabeth.' I said: 'Well, that’s nice.'"

In recent years, Ian has worked with Keanu Reeves on the 'John Wick' film franchise, and he believes that his co-star is an outlier in the movie business.

The veteran actor admitted that he's relished the experience of working with Keanu, 59, on the money-spinning franchise.

Ian explained: "Most modern actors take themselves too seriously.

"Keanu is one of the most wonderful human beings I’ve ever met. Keanu is by no stretch of the imagination a ball of fun, but he’s seriously sensitive and great to work with."