Montreal mayor Gérald Tremblay steps down

Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay has officially resigned from his position

After months of speculation about his future at Montreal City Hall, Mayor Gérald Tremblay has announced his departure from politics.

"I am leaving public life," said Tremblay on Monday night.

Tremblay said he was made aware of rumours regarding "brown envelopes" of cash circulating in his party when he began his career as mayor of Montreal in 2001, but that he "put [his] trust in municipal public servants."

He added that when he was made aware of collusion and corruption, he took steps to resolve the issue. He said he would be commenting on this in due time.

"I cannot help in these circumstances," said Tremblay. "The city's functioning is much more important than my own personal interest."

Tremblay denied being aware of double bookkeeping in his party. Martin Dumont, a former party organizer and witness at the Charbonneau commission told the inquiry that Tremblay had turned a blind eye to illegal campaign funding.

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