Moose chased by bear stops to look back; ‘You still coming?’

Wes Larson, a wildlife biologist in Montana, was checking out an empty campground that had been the site of a fatal bear attack when he saw a moose. So, he decided to begin filming.

“It ended up being a better video than I expected,” Larson wrote on X, where he posted the video.

That’s because the moose began running toward him, being chased by a bear.

The moose stopped in front of Larson’s vehicle to turn around and check whether the bear was still giving chase. If it could talk, the moose might have said, “You still coming?”

The moose found out a moment later that the bear, indeed, was still coming. Larson filmed the chase as it continued down the gravel road.

In the end, the bear was unsuccessful, failing to catch the moose.

Larson stated on his Instagram post that that bear eventually ended up grazing on clover in a nearby field.

Larson, who hosts a podcast about animal attacks, was visiting Soda Butte Campground where in 2010 a man was pulled out of his tent, killed and eaten by a grizzly bear. Larson covered the story in his podcast last July, prompting the visit last Tuesday.

Story originally appeared on For The Win