Morgan Wade has no regrets about double mastectomy

Morgan Wade has no regrets about having surgery credit:Bang Showbiz
Morgan Wade has no regrets about having surgery credit:Bang Showbiz

Morgan Wade has no regrets about having a double mastectomy.

The 29-year-old singer underwent surgery in November as a preventative measure after testing positive for the RAD51D gene mutation - which puts carriers at a higher risk of breast cancer - and she's thankful that she's almost back to the physical fitness she was at before having the operation.

Sharing a side-by-side photo of herself after the surgery and more recently, she wrote on Instagram: "I haven’t talked much about my post surgery recovery from my double mastectomy and reconstruction I had back in November.

"For those that don’t know I have the rad51d gene mutation and with my family history of breast cancer I decided to be proactive.

"It’s been 4 months and I’ve been back to powerlifting and running. Started back to that around January. There have been a few things I haven’t been able to do until now - the last month I’ve finally been back to doing what I want.

"Push-ups , pull-ups and getting a massage (couldn’t lay on my stomach).(sic)"

The country singer is "happy" she chose to have breast implants, but explained she had her nipples removed as part of the procedure.

Answering "a few questions" she'd been asked about the surgery, she wrote: " I did get implants - and I’m happy with them.

"I do not have nipples. The breast cancer my aunt had started in her milk ducts and we wanted no chance of that with me. I just said take it all. (sic)"

Morgan admitted it was "an adjustment" getting used to how "different" her body looks now but she is "extremely happy" to have had the surgery.

She continued: "It was an adjustment to look at myself for a minute. I’m still adjusting to how different my body looks - change is never easy - but this was worth it.

"I have 0 regrets and I am extremely happy with the choice I made. I am blessed God got me through this and has allowed me to heal fast and I look forward to a healthy long life Lord willing.(sic)"

The 'Fall in Love With Me' singer also has further operations planned to reduce her cancer risk.

She concluded: "The next process is egg retrieval and eventually a hysterectomy and oophorectomy (that I can hold off on a little longer due to my age)

"Thank you all for continuous prayers and support and love. Excited to be working and getting ready for tour.(sic)"