Most popular two-door used cars in America, according to CarMax

Two-door cars are nowhere near as popular as they were decades ago, but there are still quite a few on sale in the United States. CarMax recently released sales data that shows its coupes account for 8% of overall sales and ranked its ten best-selling two-door models, but the company noted that sales have tumbled significantly since 2007.

That year, 25% of CarMax’s sales came from two-door models, though it’s important to note that the data also includes models like the Jeep Wrangler and Ram 1500. Since November 2023, the top ten best-selling two-doors include:

  1. Chevrolet Camaro

  2. Ram 1500

  3. Ford Mustang

  4. BMW 428i

  5. Honda Civic

  6. Chevrolet Corvette

  7. Dodge Challenger

  8. Honda Accord

  9. Ram 1500 Classic

  10. Jeep Wrangler

Remember, these are used vehicle sales. The numbers are also nationwide, so we’re seeing data from 249 stores ranging from Maine to Southern California, though Hawaii and Alaska don’t have any locations. The company said that it shifts its inventory based on customer demand, so there is a bit of a chicken-or-egg question, with CarMax stocking more of the popular models, boosting their sales over less desirable two-doors.

CarMax’s two-door sales fell steadily between 2011 and 2020, reaching a low of around 5%. They’ve rebounded slightly since then, but cars, in general, are a dying breed on the American car market. Earlier this year, Cox Automotive’s data showed that cars represent less than 20% of new vehicle sales as SUVs and pickup trucks dominate the market.

The slow death of the small, fun-to-drive car is a shame, but it’s not surprising. Cars and everything else are more expensive now, making it hard for people to afford a second, less-practical car. Many of today’s two-door cars come from premium brands, moving them off mass-market dealers’ lots and largely out of the public eye.

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