“Mrs. Doubtfire ”Actress Reveals Robin Williams’ Sweet Gesture After She Was Expelled from School

After the "heartbreaking" expulsion, Williams intervened, child star Lisa Jakub recalled

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Robin Williams and Lisa Jakub in 'Mrs. Doubtfire'

Robin Williams played a protector in Mrs. Doubtfire, both on and off-screen.

On May 3, child star Lisa Jakub took part in new reunion interview with castmates from the hit 1993 movie, Matthew Lawrence and Mara Wilson, on Lawrence’s Brotherly Love Podcast. And during the discussion, Jakub, 45, recalled a moment when the late comedian, who died in 2014, stuck up for her.

During her four months playing Lydia Hillard on the set of Mrs. Doubtfire, the actress was still attending high school in Canada, where she had worked out a “pre-internet” system in which she “would mail my schoolwork back and forth to the school,” she recalled.

“We were a couple months into filming, and my school in Canada sent a note saying, you know, ‘This isn't working for us anymore. Don't come back,’” Jakub said, adding, “I was devastated.”

“It was just so heartbreaking because, you know, I had this life that was very unusual and that was the one normal thing,” she added.

After the “heartbreaking” expulsion, Williams — who played Daniel Hillard, father to Lydia in the movie — saw how it affected Jakub, and decided to take action, she recalled.

<p>Snap/Shutterstock </p> The cast of 'Mrs. Doubtfire'


The cast of 'Mrs. Doubtfire'

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“The thing was, Robin saw that I was upset,” the child star said. “He asked me what was going on. I explained. He wrote a letter to my principal saying that he, you know, wanted them to rethink this decision and that I was just trying to pursue my education and my career at the same time and could they please support me in this.”

And though noble, William’s efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, Jakub said.

"This principal got the letter, framed the letter, put it up in the office, and didn't ask me to come back,” she told her former costars. “Amazing.”

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Later in the reunion episode, she also remembered what it was like with the iconic actor on set — a far cry from her previous experiences as a child star.

"I had been working for a decade when I started Doubtfire, but we had always used a script, right, so I knew when it was my turn to speak and I could say my line,” she said. “And then you go on set with Robin and it's like, ‘Who the f--- knows what’s gonna happen now?’ ”

<p>20th Century Fox/Blue Wolf/Kobal/Shutterstock</p> Robin Williams in 'Mrs. Doubtfire'

20th Century Fox/Blue Wolf/Kobal/Shutterstock

Robin Williams in 'Mrs. Doubtfire'

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She continued, “I had to be present with the other person in the room and I actually had to listen and then just respond wow and it really was so much more meditative than what I had done before, which always felt really rote in, like, ‘I know what's going to happen.’ ”

“And all of a sudden you know we're on set and you're like, 'I am so lost,' but you know you're just going to go with it,” she added, “because he's Robin and you can trust him.”

Jakub, Lawrence and Wilson also reunited in a photo posted on social media Wednesday, May 1.

"The sisters had so much fun hanging out with the brothers. @marawilson and @matthewlawrence still feel like my siblings- even 30 years after filming Mrs Doubtfire," Jakub began the caption of her post.

She continued, "And @andrewlawrence and @joeylawrence are just part of the extended family. I had a great time doing the @officialbrotherlylovepod and can’t wait to share it with you. ♥️

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