Nate Bukaty steps back as co-host of ‘Border Patrol’ on Sports Radio 810

The morning show on WHB (810 AM) is undergoing a change.

Nate Bukaty announced Wednesday that it was his last day as co-host of “The Border Patrol,” the show he had co-hosted with Steven St. John since 2007.

“The time has come to step back from my full-time responsibilities on the ‘Border Patrol,’” Bukaty said on the air as he fought back tears. “I intentionally use the words ‘step back’ and underscore that I did not use the words ‘step away,’ because I plan to remain a regular contributor on the show and for the radio station in some capacity moving forward as long as they’ll have me.

“As most of you know over the past year increasingly I’ve been presented with opportunities to cover the sport of soccer, which of course you know is a game that holds a very significant place in my heart.”

Bukaty has previously worked as Sporting Kansas City’s television voice before moving to Fox, then Apple and now the CBS Sports’ Golazo Network.

“These opportunities have in many ways been a lifelong dream come true for me but they’re also put me in a position where I’m spreading myself too thin and something has to give,” Bukaty said. “So today will be my last day as the co-host of the ‘Border Patrol.’ No doubt many of you have seen this coming. It’s probably not a huge surprise.”

St. John said Bukaty would join the show on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when he’s in town. When St. John is on vacation, Bukaty will be the guest host and work with Jake Gutierrez and Todd Leabo.

“I’m going to continue to be the host of the show,” St. John said on the air. “The plan is for anyone that is wondering, this may be great news for some people and this may be terrible news, (but) I’m not going anywhere.”

St. John said the name “Border Patrol” was going to be retired because Bukaty was such a big part of the show.

“It’s still going to be the same vibe,” St. John said. “We’re going to make some changes, we’re going to change some of the imaging, the name of the show is going to change, we’re going to do maybe some different intro music, different intro to the show.

“Just have a little bit of fun with it. Take this opportunity to tighten things up and do some different things and some different personalities.”

St. John said he hopes to bring in Leabo, Jeff Chadiha, Mike Boddicker, Jaime Bluma, Gehrig Dieter and Anthony Sherman for the show at various times.