Like the Netflix hit series Baby Reindeer? Then watch these 3 great shows now

A man behind a bar, a heavyset woman sitting there and pointing at him, both smiling in a scene from Baby Reindeer.
Ed Miller / Netflix

Netflix’s smash-hit series Baby Reindeer is a mind-blowing true story about Scottish comedian Richard Gadd, who was relentlessly stalked by a woman for years. In the process of telling his story, it also reveals a traumatic event that occurred in his past. The underlying themes in the series hit hard, but it’s also a cathartic story of damaged self-worth, loneliness, ambition, desperation, assault, and a system that often fails people.

Chances are you have probably already powered your way through the seven episodes of the black-comedy drama thriller. If you’re looking for something else to satiate your appetite while processing the disturbingly good show, put these three series on your radar to tackle next.

Beef (2023)

A man behind the wheel of a car yelling in a scene from Beef.
Andrew Cooper / Netflix

Like Baby Reindeer, Beef (one of the best Netflix shows of 2023) tackles the concept of obsession and self-loathing. It takes you on a journey with two tragic characters, each dealing with their own personal trauma, much like Donny Dunn (Gadd) and Martha Scott (Jessica Gunning) ware in Baby Reindeer. Central to the plot is a road rage incident that happens at just the wrong time for both characters.

Instead of letting things go and moving on, they become laser-focused on getting revenge on one another, even when the situation escalates to each one’s personal detriment.

BEEF Season 1 Trailer

Both shows tackle difficult, sensitive subject matter in a way that’s disturbingly dark with a hint of humor. The plots in both shows draw you in and make you feel sympathetic for and angered at the central characters. Highlighting motivations of loneliness, anger, and self-destructive personalities, Beef takes you down a similar emotional journey that far transcends the initial incident.

Stream Beef on Netflix.

I May Destroy You (2020)

A woman stands in a dark street wearing a T-shirt and looking sad in a scene from I May Destroy You on Max.
Natalie Seery / BBC/Val Productions

The topic of dealing with trauma and, more specifically, sexual assault is at the heart of this Emmy-winning black comedy-drama as well. The protagonist, Michaela Cole, also based the story on her own real-life experiences, further drawing comparisons to Baby Reindeer.

It begins when Arabella (Cole), a young writer, takes a break from penning her second novel to enjoy a night out with friends. Unfortunately, it turns ugly. She awakens the next morning unsure of the events of the evening. Through flashbacks, she slowly begins to recall and piece together what happened, realizing that she was the victim of sexual assault.

I May Destroy You | Official Trailer | HBO

Both shows are arguably cathartic for the actors who star in them, both of whom play fictional versions of themselves. Just as brilliantly done as Baby Reindeer, I May Destroy You is deeply heart-wrenching, providing an intimate look at the process of healing from trauma and dealing with the aftereffects that never leave you. The shows might also help others who have been through similar situations deal with their own emotions and feelings of blame.

Stream I May Destroy You on Max.

You (2018-)

Joe Goldberg standing behind a barred window in a scene from You season 4.

What makes You an interesting watch after Baby Reindeer is that while it’s a purely fictional tale about a serial killer, he is also one with a proclivity for stalking the women with whom he becomes obsessed, albeit far more secretly than Martha does to Donny.

Interestingly, this series presents the story from the perspective of the stalker versus the person being stalked. Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) justifies his reasoning for doing the awful things he does in the same way Martha misinterprets situations and Donny’s actions or words. In both cases, the stalkers reply, in time, with rage and fury, which often results of their own delusions.

Goldberg’s inflated sense of who he is — he even eventually poses as a university professor — is reminiscent of Martha pretending to be a highly respected and sought-after lawyer. Goldberg also draws comparisons to the biggest villain in Baby Reindeer, Darrien O’Connor (Tom Goodman-Hill), by presenting himself as a charming, kind, respectable man when in reality he’s anything but.

YOU S5 | Tudum Teaser | Netflix

You might not be as deep and meaningful as the acclaimed Richard Gadd series, but the psychological thriller will keep you invested through the story. It will send chills down your spine in a similar way that Baby Reindeer does. You is an embellished, fictional tale that isn’t quite as believable as Baby Reindeer’s true story. But the focus on the warped mind of a murderous stalker provides a different perspective on an equally chilling tale.

Stream You on Netflix.