Netflix's Baby Reindeer creator explains ambiguous ending

richard gadd, baby reindeer
Baby Reindeer creator explains ambiguous endingNetflix

Baby Reindeer spoilers ahead.

Richard Gadd has opened up about the ambiguous ending to his hit Netflix show Baby Reindeer, in which he also plays Donny.

Consisting of seven anxiety-inducing episodes and inspired by the creator/star's own experience; barman Donny makes the biggest mistake of his life by offering a free cup of tea to Martha (The Outlaws actor Jessica Gunning), who soon becomes his stalker.

In the final scene, Donny tries to order a drink at a bar, but realises his wallet has disappeared. Mirroring his earliest encounter with Martha, a sympathetic barman pours him one on the house – but what was Gadd's intention behind this?

richard gadd, baby reindeer

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"I quite like the ambiguity of the ending, I sort of don't want to put a meaning on it," he told RadioTimes.

"I think it can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. I know what it is in my head – that ending's my favourite thing in the whole series, the way it ends.

"From plugging in the headphones to going all the way to the end, hearing the voicemail, looking up, that's my whole favourite bit in the whole series. I think it can be interpreted in multiple ways and I like that it can. I'm quite keen to see what people think actually."

richard gadd, baby reindeer

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Meanwhile, the ending to Netflix's One Day series also got people's tongues wagging recently. In the adaptation of David Nicholls' novel, Emma Morley suffers a terrible fate in a car crash.

"Especially in that period, and that chapter of the book and that episode, you're sort of lulled into a false sense of security, so it does come as a bit of a shock. I know it does make a lot of people angry," commented actor Ambika Mod.

Baby Reindeer is available to stream on Netflix.

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