New Yorkers Don't Know Who Chris Pratt Is

Actors will tell you time and time again that New York City is a great place to film a project — because the average New Yorker couldn’t give a rat’s pizza slice that they’re shooting there. A Yankee roaming the street (or this season, especially, a Met) might be something to get excited about. But one of “the world’s biggest movie stars?” Nah.

Billy on the Street host Billy Eichner proved exactly that when he paraded his former Parks and Recreation costar Chris Pratt around Manhattan and hardly anyone — local or tourist — could tell the bombastic comedian his name, even for the high stakes of a single dollar bill. (Watch a video about the clip above.) This is despite the fact that the actor has been racking up huge hits like Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World and is a fan favorite to take over the mantle of Indiana Jones someday.

At least some of the pedestrians were in the movie ballpark: One woman confused him with Captain America’s Chris Evans and one man guessed “Liam” (we’re pretty confident that guy meant the other Hemsworth brother Chris, who plays Thor). It’s gotten pretty confusing with all these Marvel stars named Chris.

For a bonus clip, watch Chris Pratt draw an amazing dinosaur: