Next-generation BMW X5 spied with Neue Klasse looks

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BMW seems ready to apply styling from its "Neue Klasse" concepts across its whole line in the next few years. The first recipient is likely the X3, or possibly iX3, depending on what BMW decides to do with its models and nomenclature. And we've seen photos of that new model. Hot on its heels will probably be a new-generation of X5 and iX5, based on these spy photos. They show all the same cues applied to a larger body shell.

It's not necessarily obvious from photos that this prototype is larger than the X3 example that we've seen before. But looking closely, there are distinct differences. There's a bit more real estate between the front wheel and the base of the windshield, not to mention the wheel arch and the door shut line. Another telltale section is the rear quarter window. It's a bit elongated and has a less dramatic upsweep to the window sill. It ends up making the D-pillar look thinner, too. Plus, the grille area and lights looks thinner proportionally on the larger body.

Naturally, being Neue Klasse-inspired, the nose will get the wide and short kidneys from the concepts, with the headlights incorporated into the large kidney shapes. It also has a very flat hood line and broad rear fenders. It looks like it will get the horizontally-oriented taillights, too. There's also a feature from the concept that is finally seeing reality on this X5: the door handles. The concept has little tabs hidden in the window line, similar to those of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and they appear, here, too. What we can't tell, is if it will adopt the retro-styled small twin kidneys in the middle like the Neue Klasse X, or if it will forego them like the sedan concept.

BMW has said that vehicles using the Neue Klasse platform, and presumably styling, will appear in 2025. We've been expecting the X3 version first, though this X5 looks pretty well baked, too. Plus the X5 line is getting old, dating back to the 2019 model year. So if it doesn't show up in 2025, we wouldn't be surprised to see it show up in 2026. Gas, hybrid and electric versions all seem like possibilities, though BMW may drop the "i" prefix for the EV.

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