Your next T-Mobile bill might be a lot more expensive

U.S. map illustrating T-Mobile's 5G Ultra Capacity network expansion.

We have bad news for you if you have an older T-Mobile wireless plan. According to internal company documents obtained by The Mobile Report, rates for your plan are going up by $2 to $5 per month.

Customers with a legacy Simple Choice, ONE, or Magenta plan will likely experience price increases. The increased price applies to each line, meaning that if you have four lines, you could potentially see a monthly increase of up to $20 per lmonth. CNET also corroborated the report with its own sources.

Not everyone is affected, but those who are should be prepared to hear from T-Mobile soon regarding the price hikes, which take effect with the June 5 billing cycle. According to a memo from Jon Freier, president of T-Mobile’s consumer group, those with a Go5G plan and those covered by T-Mobile’s Price Lock guarantee are not affected by the hikes.

The Mobile Report notes that other older T-Mobile and Sprint plans may also be affected. T-Mobile completed its acquisition of Sprint in 2020.

The T-Mobile logo on a smartphone.
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Company documents note: “At T-Mobile, we are committed to offering the best value in wireless with low prices and a best-in-class 5G network, and we have no intention of ever changing that. As costs continue to rise, for the first time in nearly a decade we’re making small adjustments to the prices of some of our oldest rate plans. The majority of our customers are not included. ”

Rising prices are not exclusive to T-Mobile. For instance, AT&T increased the cost of its unlimited plans by $1 earlier this year and announced a higher pricing option that provides faster data speeds to customers. In March, Verizon, the nation’s biggest carrier, raised the monthly price of its 5GB Get More phone lines by $4.

T-Mobile customers facing a price increase can switch to new plans in person or on the T-Mobile website, potentially saving them money.