NFL star caught on camera giving Trump rally the finger

Gino Spocchia
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Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins (AP)
Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins (AP)

Arizona Cardinals' wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins drove past a pro-Trump caravan and stuck two middle fingers up at them, according to photographs shared online.

The NFL superstar was believed to be on his way from Arizona to Seattle, where the Cardinals’ played against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, when he was seen.

Whilst the 28-year-old has not publicly commented on the incident, many Donald Trump supporters used social media to complain about the so-called stunt.

One participant in the PHX Trump Train, Richard Williams, wrote on Twitter that his son had been in the car when Mr Hopkins was seen swerving in-and-out.

He wrote: “DeAndre Hopkins, my eight-year-old son was in one of the cars you were swerving in and out of as you were disrupting the PHX Trump Train drive and trying to cause an accident.”

“You're a piece of trash. Make your political statements, but you put people at risk today.”

Another Trump supporter, Jamie Ritchie, wrote that “Maybe he [Hopkins] can set the example as a public figure and let people exercise their first amendment right.”

Other Twitter users shared praise for the NFL player’s actions, with one writing that “DeAndre Hopkins swerving his Ferrari in the middle of a Trump train drive and flipping off MAGA people officially makes him the best WR in the game.”

Another, Gerritt Osborn, added: “There’s cool and then there’s DeAndre Hopkins flipping off Trump supporters while driving a Ferrari to a game he gets 10 catches and a TD kinda cool.'

According to Fox10 News, the caravan was seen on several highways, including the I-17, Loop 101, the 202 and the I-10.

Mr Hopkins, who transferred from Houston Texans to Arzona Cardinals in March 2020, is one of three wide receivers on the NFL side.

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