Nicholas Galitzine had 'immense amount of imposter syndrome'

Nicholas Galitzine struggled with imposter syndrome credit:Bang Showbiz
Nicholas Galitzine struggled with imposter syndrome credit:Bang Showbiz

Nicholas Galitzine has experienced an "immense amount" of imposter syndrome.

The 'Idea of You' actor admitted it can be hard to feel comfortable in his work because he often looks for "validation" but he's thankful co-stars such as Anne Hathaway and Julianne Moore have been "wonderfully encouraging" as their support has helped him grow in confidence.

Speaking on the 'Reign with Josh Smith' podcast, he said: “I've felt an immense amount of imposter syndrome. I mean especially the first few years of my career, and it's so natural as actors we're oftentimes deriving validation from a lot of other sources outside of ourselves, and it can be very an insecure job, it can be a very fragile job.

"And so I think you have to keep reminding yourself you are on the right path.

"And it doesn't hurt when you are starring with a couple of Oscar winners. That's kind of a good sign that you are doing things.

"Both Annie and Julie have been so wonderfully encouraging to me within the last year or two, but I think, yeah, I definitely worked on that inner voice a lot and it just makes the whole experience just so much more fun now being able to kind of feel like you belong and you are right where you're supposed to be."

The 29-year-old actor thinks he matured more quickly than his friends because of the "anxiety" and "identity crises" he had experienced as a teenager.

He said: “I started off as an athlete and placed all value on physical strength, and then I started to develop emotionally as a young man and I think actually matured at a much quicker rate than a lot of my other male friends around about 16 and 17 [by] experiencing different forms of anxiety and identity crisis… and over the years, I think my sense of self has really been bolstered by my experiences as an actor and growing into my adulthood."

Nicholas feels like he's very different now than when he began his career because he's so secure in who he is.

He explained: "I feel a deep sense of comfort in who I am and who I am to other people. I would just say to a lot of people, maybe in their early twenties or late teens when we really kind of start analysing identity and sense of self is to just have patience because I think it happens so naturally when you're older, it's about putting yourself out there and challenging yourself.

"You gain, I think, an immense amount of comfort in yourself and confidence in your abilities, and you also kind of care less about things that shouldn't really bother you, too.

"And I think that's the great thing about ageing.. you need to keep pushing yourself and making yourself uncomfortable because that's the brilliance of my job is I'm constantly in emotionally vulnerable or uncomfortable positions.

"And now as a 29-year-old guy, I mean it's just night and day from when I first started in this industry.”

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