Nick Cannon says he's insecure about his 'skinny' body when being intimate: 'I hide under the covers'

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Nick Cannon may look confident in all aspects of his life, but there’s one particular area he’s still working on.

On Wednesday's episode of The Nick Cannon Show, the actor and host revealed that he's terribly insecure about his "skinny" body, which has had an impact on his sex life.

"I definitely have an insecurity when it comes to being intimate," Cannon began. “I’ve been skinny my whole life, so therefore I've never liked to be completely naked. It's usually, like, I hide under the covers. As much as I boast about being in shape."

The subject came up during a panel with reality star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Dr. Ish Major, and comedians Chris Distefano and Rip Michaels, in which they discussed insecurities they have in the bedroom.

The host added that body dysmorphia among men is something “women don’t like to think about” and that when he’s "got to have some type of clothes, some type of socks” on while having sex.

“That's when we're our most vulnerable,” he explained. “When we're making love, when we're tapping in to our sensuality. That's when we are our most open."

Michaels, who stars on MTV’s Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ’n Out, also opened up about his feelings.

"I am completely clothed up in a Snuggie," Michaels joked of his intimate routine. "I hate my body, so I am with you Nick. I totally am insecure about that. Like I want lights off, I want covers, I want blankets, I want a ski mask. I am totally not that confident, sexy, Rick Ross fat guy."

While Majors and Sorrentino said their insecurities are related to sexual performance, Majors couldn't help but point out that vulnerability is essential for healthy relationships.

"For guys, being vulnerable, that's one of our hardest areas, and unless you can get to that place, that vulnerable space, you can't have a good relationship and you can't have good sex," Majors said. "Orgasms aren't about sex at all, they're about intimacy, and if you can't be vulnerable then you can't have good sex."

Cannon has shown immense vulnerability to his fans recently. Last month, he spoke candidly about his heartache over losing his 5-month-old son Zen, who died of a brain tumor.

And earlier this month, the host opened up about the lessons he's learned since being diagnosed with lupus, explaining that he's had to learn to make big adjustments in order to live with the autoimmune disease.

"Ten years ago, I experienced a sudden and mysterious illness that almost took my life," he said on the anniversary of his diagnosis. "At the time, I had no idea it was lupus. And, you know me, I always got to have a camera on, so I literally would just open up my phone, grab my camera and I would just talk to the camera."

The actor then played a black-and-white collection of clips chronicling up what he had gone through back then. "Turn your test into a testimony," he said when the video ended. "Turn your mess into a message. And, I mean, we still pushing through."

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