Nigel Farage claims he’s ‘done more to drive far-right out of British politics than anyone alive’

Nigel Farage claimed he has done more “than anybody else alive” to combat the far right in Britain during the BBC’s Question Time Leaders’ Special on Friday, 28 June.

The Reform UK leader faced questions from the audience on footage captured by Channel 4 of racist and homophobic comments made by party canvassers.

Mr Farage said: “I’ve done more to drive the far right out of British politics than anybody else alive.

“I took on the BNP just over a decade ago. I said to their voters, if this is a protest vote but you don’t support their racist agenda, don’t vote for them, vote for me, destroyed them."

Mr Farage has sought to distance himself from the comments, saying he was “dismayed” by the “appalling sentiments” expressed.