Nigel Farage’s I’m a Celebrity co-star hits out at Reform politician: ‘No plan and no substance’

One of Nigel Farage’s former I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! co-stars has hit out at the politician following his leadership run.

Earlier this week, former Brexit Party and Ukip leader Farage announced plans to run as MP for Reform UK – after previously claiming he would not stand in the general election next month.

Farage’s decision, revealed in Clacton, led to protests, and, on Tuesday (4 June), he found himself drenched in milkshake after a drink was thrown over him as he greeted crowds.

Just six months ago, Farage was a contestant on I’m a Celebrity, and his involvement on the show led to a boycott from some viewers, who switched off in their millions.

One personality who clashed with Farage on the ITV reality series was First Dates star Siriex, who told the politician he was “fixated” on blaming things on other European countries.

Sirieix also confronted Farage over what he described as a “shameful” 2016 Brexit poster depicting a line of desperate refugees trying to reach Europe under the headline “Breaking Point”.

The TV personality pointed out that the poster “demonised migrants”.

Fred Siriex shares brutal verdict on Nigel Farage (ITV)
Fred Siriex shares brutal verdict on Nigel Farage (ITV)

Sirieix has now shared his brutal view on Farage’s latest political ambitions, telling his followers on X/Twitter: “I spoke at length and extensively with Nigel Farage for three weeks while in the jungle. I wanted to make my own mind up about him and his views.

“Conclusion is simple. He was very good at washing the dishes in the river but when it comes to politics he has no plan and no substance. No vision. No concrete policies. He is not interested in making the UK / the world a better place. He just rants.”

Farage is known for espousing right-wing views on subjects ranging from immigration and the gender pay gap, and over the years, has been accused of inciting xenophobia.

The politician, who finished in third place on the reality series, was reportedly offered £1.5m to sign up, which is said to have made him the highest-paid celebrity in the history of the show.

This trounces Noel Edmond’s £600,000, which he received in 2022.

Fred Sirieix shared brutal verdict on Nigel Farage (X/Twitter)
Fred Sirieix shared brutal verdict on Nigel Farage (X/Twitter)

Before Farage’s political announcement earlier this week, Reform UK had been expected to not pick up any seats on 4 July. But his decision to run has caused a headache for Rishi Sunak.

YouGov’s director of political analytics, Patrick English, told The Independent that the announcement “significantly increases the odds” that Reform could win at least one seat – and even as many as four.