Nikki Glaser Says Ben Affleck Bombed On ‘The Roast Of Tom Brady’: “He Didn’t Prepare”

Nikki Glaser is not done talking about The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady and is reflecting on Ben Affleck’s performance.

The comedian, who got a standing ovation after her set on the Netflix special roasting the NFL champion, says that Affleck bombed on stage.

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“I haven’t watched it again because I don’t like to watch people bomb,” Glaser said during an appearance on Barstool Sports’ podcast KFC Radio. “I know what happened: he didn’t prepare. He’s someone who’s famous enough he probably thinks it’s beneath him to do this. ‘I’m just gonna do a favor, it’s not gonna be that big of a deal.'”

Affleck is from Boston and is a fan of local teams like the New England Patriots, where Brady was quarterback for 20 years and scored six Super Bowl championships. Glaser believes that Affleck’s premise was not the most ideal.

“Either they couldn’t get him on the phone enough to work out something, or he didn’t practice enough,” Glaser said. “He just picked a bad premise and then he had to stick to it the whole time. It didn’t work right away, so it’s not gonna work later.”

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After Brady admitted he had regretted taking part in the roast due to it affecting his family, Glaser said in an interview on Today with Hoda and Jenna, “I feel maybe he didn’t consider the backlash from his family and how it would affect them, and I do understand that.”

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She continued, “Tom Brady does not do anything without doing his research and knowing exactly what he’s getting into. I think it’s kind of a thing you say after the fact, but it’s impossible to me that he didn’t consider what could’ve happened.”

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