NJ cop saves dog from burning home in ‘daring’ rescue caught on bodycam video

Emergency responders were dispatched to a residence after receiving reports of an explosion and working structure fire. When Sergeant Brian Phair and Patrolman Travis Sodon arrived smoke was billowing from the first floor. It was quickly determined that the house was unoccupied with the exception of several family pets. Quick thinking, Patrolman Sodon moved scaffolding from the side of the house to a raised second story porch in an effort to rescue a dog which was trapped on the porch. After climbing the scaffolding, Patrolman Sodon realized he was not high enough and needed a chair to stand on. Former Fire Chief Brian Sheehan was able to retrieve a chair from the yard and hand it up to Patrolman Sodon, who then climbed onto the chair and onto the side of the porch and was able reach over the railing, grab the dog and hand it down to good Samaritans who stopped to assist. The raised second story porch was at least 15' high as you can see from the video obtained from Patrolman Sodon's body worn camera. Patrolman Sodon risked his personal safety to rescue the dog with assistance from Fire Chief Sheehan, Sergeant Phair, and the good Samaritans who stopped to assist. The Firemen were able to quickly extinguish the fire and save the house and another dog was removed from the rear of the house as well. I am happy to share the body worn camera footage from this rescue, as it is a fine example of the extraordinary work that our first responders do on a day in and day out basis. Patrolman Sodon is going to be presented with a meritorious service award at a later date to recognize his daring efforts. Great job by all. Video credit Atlantic Highlands Police Department