Noah Cappe Shares What It's Like to Work with ‘Big Brother’ Guy Fieri While Hosting 'Best Bite In Town' (Exclusive)

Noah Cappe is the host of Guy Fieri's latest Food Network show 'Best Bite In Town'

Since Guy Fieri can’t actually stop at every diner, drive-in and dive, he enlisted the help of fellow food stars to help.

The Tournament of Champions star is passing the reins to Noah Cappe as the host of Fieri’s new Food Network series, Best Bite In Town.

The longtime host of Cooking Channel’s Carnival Eats was a natural choice to join Fieri’s “Flavor-verse” — the word the Canada native uses to describe the Flavortown universe — because of his personal and professional connection to the celebrity chef.

Cappe considers Fieri a family member and says that others share that sentiment. “I think he's always been a bit of a big brother, as so many people in this industry would say," he tells PEOPLE.

He continues, "He is just a caring person who's accomplished so much, and now, wants to be able to help not only little restaurants and people across America, but his celebrity friends, his chef friends, all of it.”

<p>Courtesy of Food Network</p> Noah Cappe and Guy Fieri

Courtesy of Food Network

Noah Cappe and Guy Fieri

Cappe explains that several years ago, he received a personal phone call from Fieri asking him to be a judge on an episode of Guy’s Grocery Games.

“I went on, and I think the two of us clicked,” the father of one says. “Over years of me going back, we built a relationship. I think he respected what I brought on camera.”

In the eight episodes of Best Bite In Town, which Fieri is the executive producer of, Cappe is joined by chefs like Aarti Sequeira and Jet Tila to explore the food scene in cities across the country. While Fieri is mostly on the production side of this series, he pops up during the introduction of each episode to present Cappe with the details about what is to come.

At the end of each episode, Cappe and the chefs, aptly named the Bite Club, present their favorite dish from the town to a panel of judges. These judges determine the best bite in town and whichever Bite Club member selected the winning dish is crowned that episode’s winner.

Cappe says that one of the best parts of shooting the series was the "all-star cast of unbelievable people."

"There's such a light kind of vibe in the air," he says of the competition series. "Everybody just wants to spread the word and has positive messaging."

Plus, of course, there were delicious dishes along the cross-country road trip. When it came to picking the food he presented to the judges in each town, Cappe leaned into what he knows and loves from Carnival Eats.

"There's no question that I find myself gravitating to some of those deep-fried, over-the-top kinds of goodness. That's kind of my go-to, carbs, carbs, carbs," he explains.

The concept of a country-wide search for delicious food is reminiscent of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, but promos for Best Bite In Town explicitly connect the two shows.

“For years, I’ve been rollin’ out to towns big and small lookin’ for joints serving up amazing dishes. But no matter how many miles I put on the Camaro, I just can’t fit ‘em all into DDD,” Fieri said in a press release. “So, I’ve called in my buddy Noah Cappe and the Bite Club to help me out and they are hittin’ the road to find some killer small-town dishes on their own.”

Cappe says there’s “no question” that there are similarities between the two series but that the new series certainly has its own direction.

“What I love about this show is that there's a familiarity to it. But, with a lot of quirky new little elements,” says Cappe.

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Even with all the similarities, Fieri did not give the show’s host any advantages behind the scenes.

“He wants to see me get punished if I lose an episode. So, he's giving me no tips when it comes down to the real important stuff,” Cappe laughs.

Fieri’s advice comes in the form of tough love, which makes sense for their brotherly relationship. But, Cappe happily accepts any tips when he gets them.

“He also hits me with real talk about the things that he thinks that I can grow and work on, and all of that. As perfect as I think I am, apparently there's some things that I can work on, as well,” he jokes.

Best Bite In Town premieres Friday, April 12, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Food Network.

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