North Shore Chase the Ace set to make a multi-millionaire

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The jackpot at the North Shore Chase the Ace is now roughly $2 million.  (North Shore Chase The Ace/Facebook - image credit)
The jackpot at the North Shore Chase the Ace is now roughly $2 million. (North Shore Chase The Ace/Facebook - image credit)

All eyes on Prince Edward Island are focused on a single deck of cards on the province's north shore.

Each Saturday for the past 43 weeks, that deck has been in the hands of Lt. Aubry MacDonald from the North Rustico Fire department.

She shuffles the cards for the weekly North Shore Chase the Ace Draw. With only nine cards left in the deck, the jackpot for the draw has reached $2 million.

Tony Davis/CBC
Tony Davis/CBC

That means there's more scrutiny than ever on those who handle the cards.

"It's too much pressure now drawing the cards because everyone blames you if the ace goes," she said.

After she shuffles, volunteers lay the cards out on a table, and the audience chooses which card should be flipped. So far, the ace of spades is still in the deck, which means the jackpot just keeps climbing.

Even the consolation prizes handed out when the ace isn't chosen have reached the $100,000 mark, adding to the weekly excitement.

Marie Lavoie buys tickets every week. She hasn't won any money yet but knows someone who has.

"Last week it was a local lady. She's actually the bartender at the local lions club so it is really exciting," she said.

Tony Davis/CBC
Tony Davis/CBC

Helen Perry from North Rustico buys $20 worth of tickets for the draw every week. Like everyone else, she's anxious for the ace to show itself.

She would love to win the money herself, but she says the whole community wins regardless.

"It makes me feel wonderful," she said. "They are raising money for the lions clubs, the fire hall, the rink up here. It is a win-win situation."

Tony Davis/CBC
Tony Davis/CBC

MacDonald feels the same way. The fire department is one of the groups benefiting from the fundraiser, so no matter who wins, she already feels like a winner.

"We are reaching our goals plus, so it's great on our part to get the equipment we've been trying to reach the goals for, but it's giving us so much more to look in the horizons for."

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