Nosferatu trailer shows what could be 2024’s creepiest movie

A woman stares in the dark with a shadow over her face.
Focus Features

You can run, but you can’t hide in the teaser trailer for Nosferatu.

As many characters state, “He is coming.” The “he” referenced in the trailer is Court Orlok (Bill Skarsgård), a vampire known as Nosferatu. Orlok is obsessed with Ellen Hutter (Lily-Rose Depp), who appears to be under the vampire’s spell. Nicholas Hoult plays Ellen’s wife, Thomas Hutter, the man trying to save her. The full view of Skarsgård’s Nosferatu is not shown in the footage. However, Nosferatu lurks in the shadows, “causing untold horror in its wake.”

Other cast members include Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Emma Corrin, Simon McBurney, Ralph Ineson, and Willem Dafoe.

NOSFERATU - Official Teaser Trailer [HD] - Only In Theaters December 25

Inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Nosferatu is written and directed by Robert Eggers. Producers include Eggers, Jeff Robinov, John Graham, Chris Columbus, and Eleanor Columbus. Nosferatu is the remake of the 1922 film starring Max Schreck as Count Orlok.

Werner Herzog famously directed a horror remake of Nosferatu in 1979. In 2000, Dafoe starred as Max Schreck/Count Orlok in Shadow of the Vampire, a fictionalized version of the making of 1922’s Nosferatu. Dafoe received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Eggers’ gothic horror film has been in development since 2017, when Anya Taylor-Joy signed on. However, Taylor-Joy eventually dropped out years later, with Depp replacing her. The film stems from Focus Features, which teamed with Eggers for 2022’s The Northman. The teaser first ran during screenings of The Bikeriders before being released online. Nosferatu is Eggers’ fourth feature film behind The Northman, The Lighthouse, and The Witch.

Nosferatu arrives in theaters on December 25, 2024.