‘Nuts And Clearly Disturbed’: New RFK Jr. Spot Has Absolutely Bonkers Opening

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spends the first minute and change of his new promotional video trashing an unexpected candidate: himself.

The new 30-minute spot features the independent presidential candidate reading attacks on himself, almost like the “Mean Tweets” segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Instead of criticism from randos on social media, Kennedy reads attacks from analysts, pundits and media critics.

“He’s nuts and clearly disturbed, The Standard,” Kennedy reads. “Kennedy is a humorless bully living in a paranoid fantasy, Vanity Fair. What the fuck is wrong with Bobby Kennedy?”

Kennedy reads critics slamming him as a crank and conspiracy theorist.

“I wouldn’t vote for that guy, either,” says Kennedy.

Much of the rest of the video is narrated by actor Woody Harrelson, who attempts to reintroduce the candidate by painting him as an environmentalist and outdoorsman ready to take on corporate interests.

“He was kinda like Erin Brockovich,” Harrelson says, referring to the environmental activist. “But a Kennedy.”

The New York Times reported that links to Kennedy’s promotional video were initially blocked by Facebook and Instagram, leading to accusations of censorship. Meta, which owns both social media platforms, told the newspaper it was a mistake that has been corrected.

Most of Kennedy’s own family has endorsed President Joe Biden, as have a number of his environmentalist colleagues. An ad from the Natural Resources Defense Council says Kennedy has been “spinning anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, denying science” and urges him to drop out of the race.

But it’s the wild opening minute of his new video that has people talking on social media: