Oh Good, Yellow Weather Warning Issued For Most Of England Following Sunny Weekend

A yellow weather warning has been issued across England and Northern Ireland as winds of up to 45 mph are set to hit after a promising weekend of sunshine.

Yep, that’s right, just as we were getting hopeful about some gorgeous sunny days ahead of us, our usual UK weather has returned to humble us once again.

Sorry to be the bearers of bad news.

According to the Met Office, it’s likely that coastal routes, sea fronts and coastal communities will be hit by spray and/or large waves as well as disruption expected for public transport, potential power loss in some areas and delays from high-sided vehicles on exposed routes and bridges is also likely.


How to stay safe in strong winds

Of course, as well as being an inconvenience, strong winds can leave lasting harm on your home and garden if you’re not careful. The Met Office recommends that any loose items outside are secured, including plant pots, bins, furnitures, and trampolines.

Let’s not forget the havoc that trampolines can bring to the roads:

 How to drive safely in strong winds

The Met Office recommends:

  • Driving slowly to minimise the impact of wind gusts

  • Be aware of high sided vehicles/caravans on more exposed roads

  • Be cautious overtaking high sided vehicles/caravans

  • Make sure you hold the steering wheel firmly

  • Give cyclists, motorcyclists, lorries and buses more room than usual

This weather is expected to only last until 10pm tonight and after this, we can expect drier weather for most of the UK with just some scattered showers in the north west.

Stay safe!