Ontario couple in disbelief after $70 million Lotto Max jackpot win

Marc and Doroty-Ann Meilleur (OLG) (Marc and Doroty-Ann Meilleur (OLG))

An Ontario lottery winner checked his ticket almost a dozen times, in disbelief that he actually won a $70 million Lotto Max jackpot.

Marc Meilleur from Noëlville, Ont., a dedicated lottery player with his wife Dorothy-Ann, won the massive prize from the Feb. 26 draw. He plays quick picks while his wife plays her own numbers, which include birthdays and anniversaries.

“My mind was racing, and my hands were shaking, and I was wondering what to do next," Meilleur said.

The morning after the February draw, the 60-year-old checked his Quick Pick tickets on the OLG Lottery app.

“That’s when I went to the bedroom to get Dorothy-Ann and tell her ‘I think I have the winning ticket,’” Meilleur explained.

“But my wife thought I was joking, so I scanned the ticket again to show her the $70 million win on the screen.”

Still in disbelief, they drove to the store in where the ticket was purchased and asked the owner, a friend of theirs, to validate the ticket through the lottery terminal. That's when the big win suddenly sunk in.

“I started crying tears of joy,” Dorothy-Ann added.

Marc Meilleur (OLG)
Marc Meilleur (OLG)

The couple's first call was to their daughter who lives in the Sudbury, Ont. area. Their daughter was initially concerned when her mom was crying but quickly realized it was happy news.

The Meilleurs also have two sons, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

“As a parent, you want to provide the best for your children and now we can take care of them without worry,” Meilleur said. “We want them to be able to buy new homes and vehicles, but we also have a great team of financial advisors helping all of us set up the grandchildren and great-grandchildren for future success.”

The couple also want to help various charities, buy a new truck and RV to travel across Canada, when it's safe to do so.

“I am not a big fan of flying across the ocean, so I want to drive and see all of the country which I love,” Meilleur said said.

“Starting on the east coast, there are so many beautiful areas to discover all over this amazing country. I’ve only seen it on TV and now me and my wife want to see all of Canada in person.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Mayer Services Esso on David N. Street in Noëlville, Ont.