'Ontario deserves better': Ontarians, healthcare workers -- even Pizza Hut -- slam Doug Ford after new restrictions and school shut down

Ontario Premier Doug Ford started off the new year by announcing additional COVID-19 restrictions across the province, modified Step 2 level restrictions, including closing schools, shutting down indoor dining and gyms, and pausing non-urgent surgeries.

At a press conference on Monday, Ford warned that Ontario could see "hundreds of thousands" of COVID-19 cases a day, as the Omicron variant continues the spreads.

Last week, the Ontario government announced that PCR testing is limited to symptomatic individuals who are at the highest risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19 (including to confirm a COVID-19 diagnosis before treatment), healthcare workers and residents in high-risk settings, including hospitals, long-term care homes and retirement homes.

Following Ford's announcement on Monday, people in Ontario, including infectious disease and other health experts, took to social media, largely criticizing delayed action by the provincial government and the shut down of schools.

The Ontario government also stated that "staff absenteeism" is "expected to rise and affect operations in workplaces across Ontario due to Omicron infection and exposure, including in hospitals and schools."

People in the province pushed back on that language used on Monday.

Meanwhile, even the brand Pizza Hut roasted premier Ford on social media, with a tweet that reads, "Need to decide on a decision for dinner? Let’s get decisive when you decide, because this dinner is a decisive decision."