#myONplate: Ontario license plate slogan generator goes viral

The latest viral trend is testing the creativity of the people of Ontario, while teasing the premier for his newest idea that will impact vehicle owners across the province.

A newly created website by Ottawa-based Spark Advocacy and Abacus Datayourstocustomize.ca, lets you create your own Ontario license plate slogan.

The concept for this trending tool was sparked by Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s announcement that the Progressive Conservatives want to change the slogan on commercial license plates from “Yours To Discover” to “Open For Business.” A different statement is expected to be used for plates on passenger vehicles and Ford has said new slogans will be revealed in the budget on April 11.

Ontarians have now taken to this slogan generator as a way to express their criticism of Ford’s proposed change, express their opinions on other political issues and even showcase comedic talents.

What would your license plate slogan be? Share your plate ideas in the comments below.