Oscars 2020: Print your ballot with all of this year's Academy Award nominees

Chris Hanna
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Hollywood’s biggest night is finally upon us.

After the Golden Globes and Screen Actors’ Guild Awards come the Oscars.

The Academy Awards will air on CTV in Canada starting at 8 p.m. ET — though if you are up for it, the network’s coverage starts with a red carpet special at 5:30 ET.

There are many ways to take in some of the fun without actually leaving your place. (Who am *I* wearing? Chip crumbs on my pyjama bottoms!)

Enter: The official Academy Award ballot for 2020.

Oscars ballot 2020.
Oscars ballot 2020.

You can print yours at home (or your office...let’s be real) and fill it out and join us Sunday night to see how well you did. Some people like to pretend they are actual voting members of the Academy (who I think should win); others like to try to guess how the Academy will vote (who I think will win); others still give their best guesses without having seen any of the movies (in some of these categories, a guess is as good as anything).

Five Yahoo Canada editors of varying degrees of cinephility (a word I made up) and Oscar-obsessiveness have filled out ballots to help you along in making your picks.


Elisabetta Bianchini, News Editor: I think I need to set the scene and establish how much I have loved the Oscars. Before I was born, my dad started taping (remember VHS tapes?) the Academy Awards. Not only would we watch the current year's ceremony together, but also the ones from the past. This was basically my number one pastime. Now that I’m older, and occasionally write about film and entertainment for my job, predicting the Oscars is a battle between my personal taste and how cynical I am about the Academy's voting. I have seen most of the nominated films, AND all the movies in the most coveted award categories. Let it be known that I would actually be pleasantly surprised if Parasite won for Best Picture and I am someone who actually enjoyed Joker (not for everyone, but I was fascinated).

Oscars ballot 2020
Elisabetta Bianchini's picks.

Tori Floyd, Editorial Support Specialist: The only nominated movie I saw last year was Avengers: Endgame so if something involving a cape doesn't win, I'm gonna be super bummed. #JusticeforCaptainMarvel

Tori Floyd's picks.
Tori Floyd's picks.

Bryan Meler, Associate Editor: Of all the movies on the list, I’ve only watched The Irishman. I love learning about organized crime, but The Irishman’s ending reaffirmed my feelings about never getting involved with the mafia. And just in case you need my hot take: the movie was also very long and a tad boring. But it’s the only one I watched, so it gets my votes. In terms of the other movies on the ballot, I tend to stay away from clown movies, because IT (the original production from 1990) messed me up as a kid. But I heard that Joker was awesome, so I gave it a couple of votes. In general, aside from mafia films, I love comedies and documentaries. I’m sad to see there weren’t really many comedies nominated this year (whether they deserved to be is a different conversation) but it seems that the Academy really doesn’t care about true masterpieces, such as Cool Runnings and Semi-Pro, which were both robbed in the past.

Bryan Meler's picks.
Bryan Meler's picks.

Chris Hanna, Senior Editor: I didn’t come here to make friends. I came to win. I love the Oscars. And movies. And all award shows. As a kid I would watch and pretend I was in the audience. I’d even have a little spread for myself, also catered by a very famous world-renowned chef — not Wolfgang Puck, but Mr. Christie. (He does make good cookies!) I’ve not seen every movie on here yet, but I plan to (I have a low tolerance for all-men casts, war movies and superhero flicks), but I have seen every precursor award show. If a lifelong obsession with awards’ pomp has taught me any lessons, it’s that it’s rare the best candidate wins, but the one with the best campaign. I love prognostication.

Chris Hanna's picks
Chris Hanna's picks.

Daniel Milligan, Editor: So, out of this year's nominees, I've watched Joker, The Irishman and Toy Story 4 (with my five-year-old Disney-obsessed nephew I must add). The rest of my selections are purely educated-guesses. I loved Joker - I found it thought-provoking, it tapped into life's anxieties and ventured into the extreme realms of society. Joaquin Phoenix was utterly brilliant and, despite the movie touching on controversial topics, I hope it is rewarded for its superb cinematography. The Irishman felt like a last-hurrah for the bad boys of Hollywood (Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci) and, even if it I had to watch it in two parts, it had everything I look for in a truly great move: action, drama, emotion and satire. Good luck to all nominees though — and for your own selections!

Daniel Milligan's picks.
Daniel Milligan's picks.

Download your ballot by clicking here.

See you Sunday.