The Oura Ring is becoming an even better smart ring for women

A person holding the Oura Ring 3rd generation Horizon model.
Oura Ring Horizon Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Oura Ring is adding new features for women’s health. The tools are part of the company’s commitment to promoting body literacy for women and come two months after the introduction of an insights tool for pregnant Oura Ring users.

Oura is updating its Cycle Insights feature, first introduced late last year. The new features will inform users about their cycle’s regularity, typical cycle length, and typical period length. This will allow users to identify patterns and seek necessary care, particularly those with irregular cycles and women in perimenopause.

Additionally, Oura is making an adjustment so that biometric changes occurring throughout a user’s menstrual cycle will not affect their Oura Readiness scores. This score considers factors such as activity from the previous day, sleep, resting heart rate, recovery, and more. During a menstrual cycle, biometric changes include rising heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, and decreasing HRV. Previously, these changes would have influenced the Readiness score, but they no longer will.

Now, Cycle Insights users will no longer see decreases in their Readiness scores due to these changes, providing them with a more accurate measurement of wellness.

The Oura Ring Horizon resting on a green succulent plant.
Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Finally, Oura is announcing a new women-based study in collaboration with Clue and researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. The study will focus on menopausal women, who are often overlooked in studies.

In the new study, stakeholders will collect data from Oura Rings to better understand the changes women experience during perimenopause and menopause. They will use this information to provide women with resources, tools, and guidance. In addition to Oura Ring data, researchers will use historical cycle data, surveys, Clue symptom tracking, and other biometric data to determine when someone is entering perimenopause and how far they are into this stage, if applicable.

The women’s health features and more information about the new study will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

In March, Oura introduced a Pregnancy Insights feature to support women throughout their pregnancy journey. This feature includes a gestational age-tracking tool to help users keep track of their estimated due date. It also provides weekly updates on the physical changes one might expect during pregnancy.

The Oura Ring is available through Oura, Best Buy, and Amazon, starting at $299.

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