Overjoyed scuba diver is surrounded by hundreds of dolphins

The Galapagos Islands are home to some of the most breath taking sights on the planet, both above the waves and beneath them. For scuba divers, this is a paradise that is experienced by only the lucky few. Remote and seemingly hostile, these islands are not easy to get to and they are filled with unique and strange animals for the same reason. This scuba diver has ventured to the remote waters of Wolf Island and he has just begun to surface after a dive with hundreds of hammerhead sharks and beautiful fish. As he waits for 3 minutes at a depth of 6m, the buildup of dangerous nitrogen gas in his blood will decrease. Rushing to the surface can have disastrous and long term effects for scuba divers. As he waits patiently, this diver is greeted by a magnificent sight. He has surfaced right in the path of a gigantic school of dolphins that are circling the island. They are playful and curious as they swim past closely, some of them returning for a second look at the clumsy human in the water. Dolphins are graceful and beautiful as they arc and change direction quickly. They dart to the surface to breathe and then they dive deeper, sometimes in groups of three or four that are obviously interested in staying close together. Divers may go their whole lives without seeing a dolphin close up. For many, an experience like this one is a bucket list item and an ultimate thrill. To have this incredible interaction go on for several minutes was a dream come true for all of the divers in this area. Dolphins are highly intelligent and highly social animals. There is no question that when they look at you, they are fully taking everything that they see. It would be amazing to know what they are thinking when they encounter us as these one have.

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